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Shortcut Your Job Search, Get Meetings That Get You the Job

Shortcut Your Job Search, Get Meetings That Get You the Job

ISBN 13: 9781285753461

ISBN 10: 1285753461

Author: Kate Wendleton

Pages: 320

Published: 06/21/2013

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Okay, so you've figured out what you want to do with your life, identified the most appropriate job targets, and developed the résumé that positions you perfectly. What do you do now? SHORTCUT YOUR JOB SEARCH tells you how to find out whom you should be talking to (see our massive bibliography inside), and how to get those people to agree to meet with you. You'll learn the most effective techniques for getting meetings – and it's not the way you think! You'll learn how to market yourself--to plan a whole campaign that runs the gamut from personal contacts to phone, email, social media and targeted direct mail efforts. This book will teach you how search firms and ads really work, how to develop a list of people and organizations to contact, The Five O'Clock Club approach to cover letters--a winning formula, how to handle the telephone--and make those calls, how to develop an effective Two- Minute Pitch that tells who you are and what to offer, and how to get informational meetings with important decision-makers.
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  • Includes complete, up-to-date information and advice on using the internet to learn about industries, research companies, and identify key decision makers to contact.
  • Utilizes online resources and networking strategies not available when the last edition published.
  • Includes complete information and advice on using the internet and library resources to learn about industries, research companies, and identify key decision-makers to contact.
  • Provides the proven Five O'Clock Club approach to cover letters.
  • Conveys the importance of a high-impact two-minute pitch to a potential employer.
  • Provides effective strategies to find out who to talk to and what to say to land the interview.
Author Bio
Kate Wendleton
The Five O'Clock Club -- where your professional success gets personal attention. Started in 1986, our mantra is that "we always do what is in the best interests of the job hunter." Our founder, Kate Wendleton, has been a career coach since 1978, when she founded The Five O'Clock Club and developed its basic methodology to help job hunters and career changers of all levels in job-search strategy groups headed by senior Five O'Clock Club-certified coaches. Kate, Five O'Clock Club coaches, and members of our management team have appeared on the Today Show, CNN, CNBC, Larry King, National Public Radio and CBS, and in The New York Times, The Economist, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, Business Week and other national media.
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Table of Contents
1. Finding Good Jobs: The Changing Job-Hunting Process.
2. Deciding What You Want: How to Select Your Job Targets.
3. Knowing the Right People: How to Get Meetings in Your Target Areas.
4. Managing Your Campaign: Are You Conducting a Good Search?
5. Career and Job-Search Bibliography.
6. What is The Five O'Clock Club? "Find your personal path in job search and career success".
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