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Basecamp for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details

Basecamp for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details

ISBN 13: 9781285171326

ISBN 10: 1285171322

Author: Todd Kelsey

Pages: 400

Published: 04/25/2013

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Staying informed, in touch, and on top of your work or personal projects--particularly those with lots of details and a number of team members--can be overwhelming. Today, many companies use web-based software to help get the work done smoothly and efficiently, and few such tools have been as popular as Basecamp, the world's #1 project management app. This simple, powerful tool for online collaboration is used by millions worldwide to stay organized and reduce the typical chaos and confusion that sprawling projects can cause. If it's time for you and your team to get organized, BASECAMP FOR BEGINNERS: MANAGING PROJECTS AND KEEPING TRACK OF DETAILS will show you how. And you'll be amazed at how quickly and easily your projects will come under control. Starting with the basics, and proceeding step-by-step, this book covers all the essentials of using Basecamp, including setting up an account, managing conversations and collaborators, handling multiple projects, time tracking, and much more...
A special web appendix offers additional resources to Basecamp users, including tools for reporting, charting, and planning; mobile and desktop apps; tools for time tracking and invoicing; and sample contracts and proposals. Stay on top of your projects with BASECAMP FOR BEGINNERS: MANAGING PROJECTS AND KEEPING TRACK OF DETAILS.
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  • Learn the basics of project managment with Basecamp, including managing conversations and collaborators.
  • Learn to manage multiple projects with Basecamp.
  • Learn to manage time tracking and to connect Basecamp to your working calendar.
Author Bio
Todd Kelsey
Todd Kelsey, Ph.D., is a Chicago-based tech professional, author, and educator. He has appeared on television as a featured expert and has authored books on topics such as social networking, Facebook advertising, and Google AdWords. He has taught at Chicago area institutions including National Louis University, Westwood College, College of DuPage, and Wheaton College, and he has worked at companies such as McDonald's Corporation and United Airlines, in addition to nonprofit organizations such as La Leche League and the Cradle Foundation. He is the author of Drupal 7 Primer and Getting Started with WordPress. Recently he gave a TEDx presentation on ideas for a stock exchange for non-profit organizations, which can be viewed at Learn more about Todd and his current projects at
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Table of Contents
1. Why Bother? How Keeping Track of Details Will Make Your Life Easier.
2. Introduction to Basecamp: Features and Advantages.
3. Simple Alternatives to Basecamp.
4. Creating a New Basecamp Account.
5. Super Basic Project Management with Basecamp To-Dos.
6. Managing People: Inviting Collaborators.
7. Managing Conversations.
8. Time Travel with Basecamp: Using Dates and the Calendar.
9. Working with Text Documents.
10. Working with Files.
11. Advanced Project Tasks.
12. Extra Fun.
13. Going Mobile.
14. Connecting Basecamp to a Calendar.
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