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College Apps, Selecting, Applying to, and Paying for the Right College for You

College Apps, Selecting, Applying to, and Paying for the Right College for You

ISBN 13: 9781285098296

ISBN 10: 1285098293

Author: Trish Portnoy

Pages: 224

Published: 11/21/2012

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Today's students and their families are in new territory when it comes to making college and career decisions. With the high cost of college and the wide variety of educational options available, families are, more than ever, in need of careful, clear guidance and advice. A roadmap for students and parents, COLLEGE APPS: SELECTING, APPLYING TO, AND PAYING FOR THE RIGHT COLLEGE FOR YOU will lead you through the sometimes tricky transition from high school to college. Author Trish Portnoy's approach, developed over years of teaching teens, is inspirational. Fast-paced, step-by-step, and task-oriented, COLLEGE APPS encourages a cooperative approach, creating a space for students and parents to develop and implement a shared strategy and, ultimately, achieve success.
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  • Addresses career planning and college success requirements and goals.
  • Provides opportunity for goal-oriented, timely curriculum/course offering.
  • Streamlines and demystifies college selection and application processes.
  • Earns positive feedback from school stakeholders and end-users.
Author Bio
Trish Portnoy
Trish Portnoy, CPA, MS Ed has a professional diploma in educational leadership and administration and more than 15 years of experience teaching career education and college preparation coursework to secondary students on Long Island. She has also taught as an adjunct instructor at both local and State University of New York colleges, and she is known for her ability to inspire students and foster a love of learning while engaging them in college-ready and career-ready curricula. Enrollment in Trish's college preparation class has quadrupled over the past six years, leading other school districts to attempt identical programs based on the course she developed. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting (Lehigh University) and a master's degree in education (Dowling College) while holding a valid Certified Public Accounting license in New York State.
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Table of Contents
A journey begins.
How does college work.
Let's get ready.
Your guidance counselor and resources.
Majors and schools.
The big three.
And three more.
Do you have what it takes.
Online applications.
Tuition and more.
Financial aid.
Factors to consider.
Making your choice.
The serious topics.
Topics to consider.
All's well.
I hate it here.
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