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Media Composer 6, Part 2 Effects Essentials

Media Composer 6, Part 2 Effects Essentials

ISBN 13: 9781133788881

ISBN 10: 1133788882

Author: Greg Staten

Pages: 400

Published: 03/05/2012

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MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PART 2–EFFECTS ESSENTIALS is for video editors who understand the basics of the editing tools in Media Composer and are ready to move ahead and learn the fundamentals of compositing within Avid Media Composer 6, the non-linear film/video editing application used in most movie and television productions. This book/DVD combo, an official Avid Learning Series User Level guide, provides a solid foundation in Media Composer audio and video effects capabilities and, in conjunction with Media Composer 6: Part 1–Editing Essentials, will prepare you for Avid’s User Level certification in Media Composer 6. You will be taken through the basic effects-building interface; then, using a real-world, hands-on approach, you’ll learn fundamental audio adjustments and effects, multilayered video compositing, tracking, stabilization, various retiming methods, and basic color-grading techniques. This official training course is a crucial step in mastering Avid Media Composer, the standard editing system used by professionals in the film and television industries. MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PART 2–EFFECTS ESSENTIALS is part of the Avid Learning Series. To find more books on Media Composer, Pro Tools, Sibelius, or any other Avid product, visit
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  • The included lessons follow real-world effects techniques with supporting information and source files on accompanying DVD.
  • Media and projects are included with the book, making it easy to step right into lessons and follow along--either self-paced, or at the instructor's pace.
  • Lessons include shortcuts and review questions at the end of each chapter that can be used in the classroom and to prepare for certification exam.
  • Supplemental Educators Guide available.
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Author Bio
Greg Staten
Greg Staten is the color critical display architect in the Visual Solutions team at Hewlett-Packard, focused on feature animation, visual effects, and color grading solutions. Prior to joining HP, Greg was the Senior Product Designer for Avid Symphony with Avid Technology, Inc., and he has been editing on Media Composer since 1992. Greg regularly consults with visual effect and animation houses worldwide on color management and grading workflows.
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Audio Effects
2. Introduction to Visual Effects
3. Corrective Effects
4. Retiming
5. Color Treating and Correcting
6. Nesting Multiple Effects
7. Multilayer Effects
8. Keying and Mattes
9. 3D Title Animation with Marquee
10. Using AVX Third-Party Plug-Ins
11. Performance and Rendering
Answers to Questions.
Sample Chapters