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Pro Tools 10 Advanced Post Production Techniques

Pro Tools 10 Advanced Post Production Techniques

ISBN 13: 9781133788867

ISBN 10: 1133788866

Author: Joel Krantz

Pages: 375

Published: 05/18/2012

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Post production for film and video is a complex and potentially confusing topic. Clear, accurate training in the tools of the trade is essential for anyone hoping to work in the business. An official Avid Learning Series Expert Level Guide, PRO TOOLS 10 ADVANCED POST PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES is the go-to guide focused on advanced operation of Pro Tools 10 in a professional post-production environment. Today's (and tomorrow's) post engineers simply must know the ins and outs of this popular software--the industry standard--and this book shows the way. It includes technical insights into Pro Tools hardware and software and offers hands-on exercises, discussion of common workflows, and intermediate-advanced topics, detailing how to use a Pro Tools|HD system to record, edit, mix, and output sound for professional film and video applications. Using real-world examples and projects, PRO TOOLS 10 ADVANCED POST PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES gets you up to speed on Pro Tools for post as quickly and easily as possible. PRO TOOLS 10 ADVANCED POST PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES (Course 310P) is part of the Avid Learning Series. This course leads to expert-level certification. To find more books on Pro Tools, Media Composer, Sibelius, or any other Avid product, visit
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  • Covers the new Pro Tools 10 features and discusses the new HDx hardware PCIe card.
  • The book uses real-world industry workflows, examples, illustrations, and hands-on exercises.
  • Feature-film exercise content is provided.
  • Accompanying downloads available at
Author Bio
Joel Krantz
Joel Krantz is a full-time professor of sound with more than 20 years of experience. He currently teaches at California State University, Northridge. He is also an Avid Certified Pro Tools instructor, teaching at Video Symphony (Burbank, CA). In addition to his teaching duties, Joel is a freelance sound editor, mixer, and consultant with experience working on television and film projects. Most recently, Joel edited and mixed a documentary feature film, War of the Gods. In addition to teaching and sound editing/mixing, Joel collaborated with Avid to write/co-write more than 20 training books.
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Table of Contents
1. Pro Tools Configuration HD and HDx.
2. Troubleshooting a Pro Tools System.
3. Synchronizing Pro Tools with Linear Video.
4. Tactile Control of Pro Tools.
5. Post Production Recording Techniques.
6. Network and Collaboration Workflows.
7. Editing Workflows.
8. Pro Tools|HD Mixing Concepts.
9. Advanced Mixing Techniques.
10. Mixing Using Satellite Link.
11. Advanced Layback.
Appendix A: Synchronization Concepts.
Appendix B: Audio and Video Pull Factors.
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