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Pro Tools 10 Power!, The Comprehensive Guide

Pro Tools 10 Power!, The Comprehensive Guide

ISBN 13: 9781133732532

ISBN 10: 1133732534

Author: Frank D. Cook

Pages: 600

Published: 01/26/2012

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The leading reference to the world's most popular digital audio workstation, PRO TOOLS 10 POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE is an all-new edition, exploring and explaining the latest version of this powerful, creative software. PRO TOOLS 10 POWER! is the most complete one-volume guide to Pro Tools available, covering everything from the details of the Pro Tools interface to editing, mixing, MIDI, synchronization, post production, sound design, score editing, and much, much more. No matter what facet of the music/audio world you're working in, you will benefit from the book's clear, step-by-step guidance and the wealth of production tips and shortcuts. You'll learn to work efficiently in Pro Tools, and you'll discover the most important tools, key menu commands, and essential working methods for getting top-quality results fast. Users at all levels will find PRO TOOLS 10 POWER! an indispensable reference—the go-to resource covering all of Pro Tools' features and functions. Strengthen your Pro Tools expertise with PRO TOOLS 10 POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE.
Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
  • Covers all the new features of Pro Tools 10 software, including new terminology, the revised user interface, and features such as Bounce to iTunes and Bounce to SoundCloud. Also covers new hardware introduced with this release.
  • Written for both Mac and PC platforms.
  • Written so that it continues to be a valuable resource for future (and prior) versions of Pro Tools.
  • Not a rehash of the Pro Tools Manual, PRO TOOLS 10 POWER! cuts to the chase, highlighting the most essential, useful concepts and techniques.
  • Well-organized: a complete Table of Contents, easily-browsed chapter and section headings, and a complete index make PRO TOOLS 10 POWER! a great reference tool.
Author Bio
Frank D. Cook
Frank D. Cook is a bass guitarist and longtime Pro Tools user. The owner of Insource Writing Solutions and NextPoint Training, Frank has worked in the technical publications and education industries for more than fifteen years. As a writer, editor, technical publications manager, and business owner, Frank has authored and contributed to hundreds of guides, manuals, reports, textbooks, and other publications for clients in a wide variety of industries. His writing and consulting company, Insource Writing Solutions, specializes in documentation for the digital audio industry. His training venture, NextPoint Training, focuses on advanced training in Pro Tools, VENUE, digital media, and related products and technologies. Frank also teaches Pro Tools courses as an adjunct professor at American River College in Sacramento, California.
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Table of Contents
1. About Pro Tools.
2. Pro Tools Terms and Concepts.
3. Your System Configuration.
4. Creating Your First Pro Tools Session.
5. The Transport Window.
6. The Edit Window.
7. The Mix Window.
8. Menu Selections: Highlights.
9. Plug-ins, Inserts, and Sends
10. MIDI.
11. Synchronization.
12. The Pro Tools Groove.
13. A Multitrack Music Session.
14. Postproduction and Soundtracks.
15. Sound Design for Interactive Media.
16. Bouncing to Disk.
17. The Score Editor Window.
18. Pro Tools Power: The Next Step.
Appendix A: Further Study and Resources.
Appendix B: Add-ons and Cool Stuff for Your Rig.
Appendix C: Archive and Backup.
Appendix D: Power Tips and Loopy Ideas.
Appendix E: Signal Flow in Pro Tools.
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