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Media Composer 6, Part 1 - Editing Essentials

Media Composer 6, Part 1 - Editing Essentials

ISBN 13: 9781133727989

ISBN 10: 1133727980

Author: Mary Plummer

Pages: 500

Published: 02/10/2012

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MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PART 1–EDITING ESSENTIALS is the first step in achieving confidence, creativity, and efficiency with Avid Media Composer 6, the non-linear film/video editing application used in most movie and television productions. Along with its counterpart, MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PART 2–EFFECTS ESSENTIALS, this book provides the foundation for Media Composer User Certification through an Avid Learning Partner. This book leads you through the interface and basic editing techniques before moving on to trimming, fine-tuning the edit, adjusting audio, handling multi camera editing, adding transitions, adding titles, and outputting your finished project. The training is hands-on and features project-based lessons in which you work on real-world projects ranging from extreme sports and dazzling documentary footage to an episode of the television show Hell's Kitchen. This official training course book is the best first step in mastering Avid Media Composer 6, the standard editing system used by professionals in the film and television industries.
Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
  • Lessons follow real-world editing workflow with supporting information and source files on accompanying DVD.
  • Lessons build on one another, for a fully rounded curriculum for teaching/learning Media Composer 6.
  • Media and projects are included with the book, making it easy to step right into lessons and follow along--either self-paced, or at the instructor's pace.
  • Lessons include shortcuts and review questions at the end of each chapter that can be used in the classroom and to prepare for certification exam.
  • Supplemental Educators Guide available.
  • Accompanying downloads available at
Author Bio
Mary Plummer
Mary Plummer has been editing film and video professionally for more than 20 years, including online, offline, linear, and non-linear editing systems. Her freelance experience includes music videos, documentaries, promos, trailers, pilots, show intros, commercials, and independent feature films. The first feature film she edited was finished on the original Avid Media Composer in the early 1990s. Since then, her knowledge and experience have evolved in tandem with the professional non-linear editing tools. In addition to her editing career, she is also an Avid Certified Trainer and best-selling author of numerous film and television post-production software training books, including TITLE DESIGN ESSENTIALS FOR FILM AND VIDEO.
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Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Exploring the Interface and Preparing to Edit.
Lesson 2: Assembling a Basic Sequence.
Lesson 3: Ingesting File-Based Media.
Lesson 4: Manual Timeline Editing.
Lesson 5: Refining the Edit.
Lesson 6: Refining and Mixing Audio.
Lesson 7: Customizing Media Composer.
Lesson 8: Introduction to Multicamera Editing.
Lesson 9: Creating Quick Titles and Basic Transitions.
Lesson 10: Preparing for Output and Exporting a File.
Appendix A: Technical Fundamentals.
Appendix B: Capturing Tape-Based Media.
Appendix C: Outputting to Tape.
Appendix D: Glossary.
Appendix E: Answers to Review/Discussion Questions.
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