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Reason 6 Power!, The Comprehensive Guide

Reason 6 Power!, The Comprehensive Guide

ISBN 13: 9781133702610

ISBN 10: 1133702619

Author: Michael Prager; G. W. Childs IV

Pages: 400

Published: 01/19/2012

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Get ready to dive into Reason 6! This book provides a thorough look at the most common as well as lesser-known features of this impressive music and mixing software. Beyond describing the features of the program and how they work, REASON 6 POWER! explains why to use certain features and when they are most beneficial to your project. You'll gain a better understanding of Reason while learning how to use all the exciting new tools in version 6, including an overview of the new Reason interface and a detailed look at each Reason device, including synths, effects, and the sequencer. Packed with tips, tricks, and detailed explanations, this book is your guide to taking advantage of all that Reason has to offer and making a powerful difference in your music creation. Six additional chapters of Reason material are available at!
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  • Includes complete coverage of Reason's newest features, including Alligator, Pulveriser, The Echo, and Neptune.
  • Complete feature-by-feature explanation of Reason's devices and capabilities.
  • Includes complete coverage of Reason's newest features, including Alligator, Pulveriser, The Echo, and Neptune.
  • Appendices cover installation, Recycle, and Refills.
Author Bio
Michael Prager
Michael Prager has been involved with music technology for more than 15 years and has worked for such organizations as Guitar Center Management, Cakewalk, Steinberg, Disney Interactive, Spectrasonics, Q Up Arts, Sony Classical, the Columbia College Hollywood, and Keyboard Magazine. Prager has worked on various Course Technology instructional DVDs and is the author of several books and CD-ROMs from Cengage/Course Technology, including Reason 4 Power!, Reason CSi Starter, Reason CSi Master, and Sampling and Soft Synth Power!.
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Table of Contents
1. Getting Started.
2. Recording.
3. Recording and FX.
4. The Reason Sequencer: Close-Up.
5. Kong: Close-Up.
6. Dr. Octo Rex: Close-Up.
7. The Malström: Close-Up.
8. Thor: Close-Up.
9. NN-XT: Close-Up.
10. Effects: Close-Up.
11. The Combinator: Close-Up.
12. Automation.
13. Exporting Your Reason Songs.
Appendix A: ReCycle! 2.2.
Appendix B: ReFills.
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