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Booking, Promoting and Marketing Your Music

Booking, Promoting and Marketing Your Music

ISBN 13: 9780872887398

ISBN 10: 0872887391

Author: Nyree Belleville


Published: 05/01/2000

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Join the indie revolution! This book offers the step-by-step tools that you need to make a good living as a musician and performer! You'll be introduced to the ten rules of successful musicians, how to record and releas a CD on your own label, book shows at alternative venues that pay well, techniques for selling thousands of albums; how to deal with bookers, how to let go of the "starving artist" mentality and much more! This book will show you how to leave tradition behind, carving your own path in booking shows, recording albums, promoting your music and everything in between.
  • Expert advice and strategies for taking your show on the road!
  • Packed with information that will help you get ahead of the game in this tough, competitive industry.
  • Well-written in a tone geared towards the aspiring musician!
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Table of Contents
Dreaming Big! Taking the Time to Figure Out What You Really Want
10 Rules of Successful Musicians
Building Your Songwriting, Vocal and Instrumental Skills
Go Solo or Play in a Band?
Getting Organized: Your Office, Permits, and Record Label
Recording and Manufacturing an Album
Creating a Great Press Kit
Putting Together the Best PA System for Your Shows
Venue Options and Alternatives
Bookers and Concert Promoters
Merchandising Techniques
Building a Loyal Fan Base
Book Profitable Local, Regional and National Tours
Fully Utilizing the Internet
50 Promotional Tools
The 7 Step Music Business and Marketing Plan
The Artists Plan
Your Complete To-Do List as Manager, Booking Agent, Publicist, Merchandiser, Record Label and Artist
Advice from Pros on the When, Why and How of Going Beyond DIY