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OpenGL Game Programming

OpenGL Game Programming

ISBN 13: 9780761533306

ISBN 10: 0761533303

Author: Kevin Hawkins; Dave Astle

Pages: 808

Published: 05/01/2002

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This robust CD contains source code from the book as well as examples of OpenGL games in the online game development community. Also included are a variety of tools such as the OpenGL libraries, GLUT, Paint Shop Pro shareware, and sound editing software. This book is a complete guide to game development using the OpenGL graphics API. It also covers how to integrate the non-graphical elements of Microsoft's DirectX into OpenGL games so that users can incorporate sound, music, and network functions. Teaching users how to use OpenGL to create dynamic 3D environments and effects for use in game development.
  • Learn basic 3D theory and techniques including matrices, polygons, and texture-mapping.
  • Discover how to create the effects seen in today's top games using buffers like blending and fog.
  • Authors are well-tapped into the needs of the game development community.
  • Companion website available here:
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Table of Contents
Part 1: Introduction to OpenGL and DirectX
1. The Exploration Begins: OpenGL and DirectX
2. Using Windows with OpenGL
3. An Overview of 3D Graphics Theory
Part 2: Using OpenGL
4. OpenGL States and Primitives
5. Coordinating Transformation and OpenGL Matrices
6. Adding Colors, Blending, and Lighting
7. Bitmaps and Images with OpenGL
8. Texture Mapping
9. Advanced Texture Mapping
10. Display Lists and Vertex Arrays
11. Displaying Text
12. OpenGL Buffers
13. OpenGL Quadrics
14. Curves and Surfaces
15. Special Effects
Part 3: Building a Game
16. Using DirectX: Direct Input
17. Using DirectX Audio
18. Working with 3D Models
19. Physics Modeling with OpenGL
20. Building a Game Engine
21. Making a Game: A Time to Kill
Appendix A: Online Resources
Appendix B: Using the CD